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Slumber Party 2014

Director Top Ryde - Thursday, March 27, 2014

All the children were very excited to venture back to Top Ryde Early Learning for a night of fun and games at our yearly Slumber Party. They all arrived in their comfortable pyjamas and slippers. The theme of our slumber party this year was 'Drive In', so all the children were given the opportunity to make their own cardboard cars ready for when it came time to relax and watch a movie.

After playing games and being involved in fun actitives the children collected their cars they had made and parked them at the drive in. They ate popcorn and fruit while enjoying a movie together.

All money raised from the slumber party has been donated towards the Bandaged Bear Foundation, which is very close to our hearts.

Excursions to the Library

Director Top Ryde - Wednesday, March 19, 2014
Every month the children are given the opportunity to visit Top Ryde Library which is always an exciting aspect to their day. While there the children can explore their interests by discovering information through non-fiction books and other forms of literature found in the library. 
The children also enjoy shared booking reading with their friends, teachers and even sometimes the librarian. They confidently choose a book from the shelf and sit quietly while looking at all the beautiful illustrations and relate the pictures to the words that are on the page. This helps them to recognise familiar words as they continue to develop early literacy and language skills. 

Lilli Pilli Library Visits

Acacia Library Visits


Waratah Library Visits 

February Sports on the Oval

Director Top Ryde - Thursday, February 27, 2014

A group of children from the Acacia and Waratah room went on an excursion to the oval next door to participate in some sporting activites with our Sport Co-ordinator Scott.

The children embraced the large open area, running back and forth to warm up their muscles. Activities were set up around the oval and the children got involved in each experience. Scott would demonstrate the activity and the children would follow by copying what he had shown them.  


All the children had such a fun time getting active and using the oval in our community. We are looking forward to next months Sports on the Oval.

Our Charity Wall

Director Top Ryde - Monday, January 13, 2014
We have lots of different out of hours events during the year and all money raised at these events is donated to charity. 
During 2013 we raised money for many different charities throughout the year. When possible we choose charities that are coherent to people within our center. The money raised from our slumber party was donated to a mother who shaved their head for 'The Worlds Greatest Shave'. The money raised from our Art Exhibition night was donated to 'Pillars of Strength' a charity that was started by one of our families at Top Ryde Early Learning. The money raised from our disco was donated to our cook Kathy's team who participated in 'Rely for Life'. 

In 2014 we look forward to many more events to come and raising money for many more charities. 

2013 Christmas Concert

Director Top Ryde - Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The children at Top Ryde Early Learning got into the Christmas spirit during their end of year concert. The Acacia and Lilli Pillies sang and danced along to their favourite Christmas songs hoping that Santa could hear them in the North Pole.
The atmosphere was lovely with our families enjoying watching their children with their peers perform what they had been practicing for months. 


The children sang so loudly that Santa heard them from the North Pole and came to visit with special presents for each of the children. The children were so excited to see him and give him lots of cuddles. 

Thank you to all the families who attended our special event and we hope you all have a magical Christmas!

Our dry creek bed and digging area

Director Top Ryde - Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The children love the new dry creek bed and digging area in the garden. We created this new area for the children after they took an interest in digging up the softfall with the trucks.

The area consits of lots of different natural items such as sandstone rocks, creek pebbles, tree logs and grass plants. The children are able to explore their natural environment and use it to create engaging play experiences.

In the warmer weather we provide water for the children to add a different element to their experiences. It is amazing to see what the children come up with and how they further develop their own interests within the area.

Yummy Vegetable Platters

Director Top Ryde - Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The children at Top Ryde Early Learning love their vegetables!

At afternoon tea times the children enjoying sitting down at the picnic tables and digging into the fresh vegetable platters. They pile as many vegetables onto their plates as possible and most of the time enjoy second and third servings.

We try and grow our own vegetables as much as possible to add to our vegetable platters. The children being involved in the process of planting and harvesting means that they are more enthusiastic to eat their vegetables. At the moment we are growing cherry tomatoes which the children pick once they are ready and add it to afternoon teas.

During the day the children will also make dips to have with their vegetables such as, hummus, beeroot dip and roast capsicum dip.


The children serve their own food using the tongs to give them the independents to choose what vegetables they would like. It also helps to further develop their self-help skills. While sitting around the picnic tables the children will have a chat with each other about their day, what they did on the weekend or the foods that they eat at home. The atmosphere at afternoon tea is always delightful and enjoyable.

Waratah Graduation 2013

Director Top Ryde - Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Waratah Class of 2013 have successfully graduated from Top Ryde Early Learning and are moving on to their new adventure to big school next year.

Proudly the children walked out to the front when their name was called and accepted their graduating certificate with lots of enthusiasm. They all stood together with their graduating friends as they sang the song 'Big School, Big School'.

Once the graduation ceremony had come to an end the children changed into costumes from around the world and performed songs they had been learning for their families. The songs they sung were Taba Naba (a song from the Torres Strait), Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes - in Swedish, We Wish You A Merry Christmas - in Chinese and Jingle Bells (the Australian version).

Santa came to visit the children after their performance and handed out special presents to all the children. Everyone was very excited to see that he had made a special trip to Top Ryde Early Learning.

The Summer Menu

Director Top Ryde - Monday, December 02, 2013
We are really excited about our new Summer menu that has started this week. Kathy has put a lot of thought into the different meals the children will be eating over the Summer months. She has also incorporated a lot of foods that the children will be able to help cook, especially for afternoon tea. 

Some of our menu items include; Chicken marinated in yoghurt, Beef Fajitas, Vietnamese chicken salad and cheese rolls and Thai fish balls.

Some of the menu items the children will be helping to prepare include; Beetroot dip, Blueberry bran muffins, Apple cinnammon popcorn and white bean parsley dip.

If you would like a copy of any of the recipes from the Summer menu please let Kathy know and she will be happy to pass it along to you. Also click on the link below to see more of our menu items or to have a copy to keep at home.

    We love parent suggestions for our menu so if there is a dish that is popular at home or a dish you think the children would enjoy please write it on our menu suggestion sheet on the kitchen door.

Peter Morgan - The Music Man

Director Top Ryde - Tuesday, November 05, 2013

 Peter Morgan the 'Music Man' came to Top Ryde Early Learning to share his musical talents with us. He brought a large variety of music instruments from around the world and demonstrated the different sounds they make. Peter sang a song with each instrument that corrosponded to the country it originated from and encouraged the children to sing along with him.

Peter encouraged the children to participate in his musical experiences which they were all very excited about. Some of the children sat around the large drum and created the beat to the music while the other children sang with Peter. There was also lots of dancing and performing that the children got involved in, as they confidently stood up in front of their peers.

Peter also told us the story about the legend of the Taniwha as he played different instruments and demonstrated different actions and lyrics for the childern to sing along too.


Thank you Peter Morgan for coming and visiting us at Top Ryde Early Learning and sharing your musical experience with us.