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Teddy Bear Picnic

Director Top Ryde - Tuesday, November 05, 2013

To continue our Children's Week celebration everyone brought in the favourite teddy bear to share lunch with. The chidlren took their furry friends everywhere with them throughout the day. The sat at group time, played outside in the garden and even enjoyed participating in rest and relaxation time.

When it came to lunch time the children were excited to have a picnic style lunch with their friends and teddy bears. During this time the teddy bears even had a dialogue between each other about all the fun they had been having.

Which had such a fun filled day with our teddy bear friends and I'm sure they had a great day too!


The Literacy Possum

Director Top Ryde - Friday, November 01, 2013
The children love when the literacy possum comes to visit at Top Ryde Early Learning and read them their favourite stories at group time. 
Literacy is so important for children during their early stages of development and the Literacy Possum provides them with a fun experience to embrace early literacy. 

After the literacy possum reads the children stories he hands out special books for them to read and share with their friends throughout the day.

Thank you literacy possum for coming and sharing books with us at group time. We look forward to have you visit again soon.

Beach Day

Director Top Ryde - Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Beach day is always a fun filled day and popular with the children, so to help celebrate children's week we turned our garden into a beach.


The children enjoyed laying on beach towels around the sandpit and sitting on beach chairs in the sand. We also set up a game of beach cricket for the children to play all day. They had fun building sandcastles and playing in the water with their friends. 


The Lilli Pillies were enjoying themselves so much that they decided to continue pretending they were at the beach while inside. 


We had lots of fun in the sun!!!

Farm Animal Visit

Director Top Ryde - Wednesday, October 30, 2013

To help celebrate Children's Week we invited Farmer Corinna and her farm animals to Top Ryde Early Learning. The children were so excited as they listened and watched as Corinna talked about each animal and demonstrated how she takes care of them during the day.


Corinna then encouraged the children to help her feed and groom the animals. Everyone was very enthusiastic to get involved and help. 


Corinna also had some fluffy animals to show us. The children all sat in a circle and each got to hold and cuddle on of the animals.


Thank you Kindifarm and farmer Corinna for coming a sharing your beautiful animals with us. We had lots of fun being farmers for the day. 

Midiga Dyarralang Puppet Show

Director Top Ryde - Thursday, October 10, 2013

We had a puppet show performace come toTop Ryde Early Learning called Midiga Dyarralang, which means "many friends". It was a special story about four Aboriginal children from the Buandig (SA) and Dharug (NSW) countries of Australia. The children were taken on an interactive story telling session, where they got to know Ivan, Annie, Lilli pilli and baby Ben.


The story started off with Annie and Ivan, Buandig children who live around a lagoon. Some of the children

were given masks and pretended to be an emu, cockatoo, kangaroo and echidna living around the lagoon. The story then moved onto Annie and Ivan flying to Dharug, where they got to meet their friends Lillli pilli and baby Ben. Lilli pilli had been making a bush fruit salad, and had excitedly picked some Lilli pilli berries from her garden to add to it. We then talked about our favourite colours and sang a song about red fruit.


The story moved back to Annie and Ivan, who were getting on the plane. The children sang a song about flying and waved to Annie and Ivan as they passed our centre on a plane painted by Dharug artist, Leanne Tobin.

The children then got to meet baby Ben, who loves singing. We sang about his dillybag, which had three colours in it. Some of the children picked out the colours black, red and yellow. We discovered the the dillybag was magical, and the three necklaces turned into a bracelet and then the Aboriginal flag.


Annie and Ivan arrived in Sydney, meeting up with their Dharug friends and we learned a few words in Dharug and Buandig. We then sang the Hokey Pokey and said yanu and wuwu (goodbye) to the four friends.

We had so much fun watching and interacting in the puppet show performace and learning about the Aboriginal culture.



Talk Like A Pirate Day

Director Top Ryde - Friday, September 20, 2013

Ayyyy, Matey!

The children enjoyed participating in Talk like a pirate day by dressing up and talking to each other in pirate language.


Throughout the day the children used their imagination to take on the persona of a pirate, as they sailed the seven seas in the bark area or digging for treasure in the sandpit. At group time they read books about pirates travelling on their pirate ships as they went on many exciting adventures.

One of our talented educators, Natalie painted the children's faces like a pirate which made them look even more realistic while wearing their outfits.

We had so much fun and we cant wait to do it all again next year.




Our New Spring Menu

Director Top Ryde - Friday, September 13, 2013

Kathy's new Spring menu started this week and has been extremely popular with the children. They are loving it so much that there has been no left overs going back to the kitchen which is always a great sign about how delicious the food is.

One of the highlight meals from this week was on 'Make your own pizza day' on Tuesday. The children chose from lots of healthy delicious toppings and put them onto their pizza, ready for Kathy to put into the oven. The children then enjoyed eating their pizzas and eating different toppings that they might not have previously tried before such as olives, mushrooms and many more. 

The plants in our garden are starting to grow and we are starting to use them in our meals throughout the day. We are especially enjoying adding different herbs to our salads to see how we can change the taste of it each time. 

Our Spring menu is now on our website if you would like to take a look and if there is anything your child/children are enjoying please let Kathy know and she can pass on the recipe for you to make at home. 

Click on the link below to see our new Spring Menu

Lilli Pilli Room Revamp

Director Top Ryde - Wednesday, September 11, 2013

With all the new resources arriving, the Lilli Pilli room got revamped to provide new and exciting areas for the children.

The opportunities are endless as the children can initiate play experiences and extend on their own interests, building on their self-confidence. The children can use their imaginations through play as they explore all the new resources available to them. We look forward to lots of exciting activity in the Lilli Pilli room. 


New Toys!!!

Director Top Ryde - Tuesday, September 10, 2013

We are excited about all the new toys and resources that have arrived at Top Ryde Early Learning.

We have purchased new resources to assist with extending the children's interests.

A new puppet theartre is in the Waratah room to extend on their ongoing interest in dramatic play and creating characters and scripts to perform to each other. We look forward to many more performaces now.

New dolls and doll accessories are now in the Lilli Pilli room, as well as new food to cook with in the kitchen. The Lilli Pillies will be busy extending on their interest with all these new exciting resources.

The Acacias are loving the trucks that are now in the soft fall area, as they dig up the bark and move it around. They are also enjoying the collection of 80 matchbox cars that are now in the construction area.




Other toys and resources include:

60 new books, shopping trolleys, side tables, car mats, pillow cases, and much much more......

Community Garden Working Bee

Director Top Ryde - Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Due to success of our community garden working bee at the beginning of the year, we were happy to be able to do it all again today with help from our wonderful families.

Everyone helped to get our garden ready for Spring/Summer and plant fruit, vegetables and herbs that we can then incoporate into our meal here at Top Ryde Early Learning.

Everyone work extremely hard to plant 32 different varieties of fruit, vegetables and herbs throughout our garden. We also used 7 bags of soil to add to our garden and new pot plants. The bark area was popular especially with the dads as they transferred 2 tonnes of bark mulch around our gross motor area with help from the kids. I think they enjoyed being big kids again digging around in the dirt with buckets and spades while moving it around the area.


Thank you to all our amazing families who worked so hard to help us make our garden look spectacular!