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Father's Day Morning Tea

Director Top Ryde - Friday, August 30, 2013

Thank you to all the dads that joined us for Father's Day Morning tea today. The children loved having their dads see what they do each day and also get involved in these activities. The children made ice tea and apple muffins for their dads to munch on while having lots of fun.

The dads enjoyed creating paddle pop structures, drawing, reading, playing in the garden and chatting with other dads. All the dads especially liked being silly and taking photos in the Father's Day Photo Booth.

Photo Booth Fun

We hope you all had a lovely morning and Happy Father's Day!

Book Week - Excursions to the Library

Director Top Ryde - Friday, August 23, 2013

19th - 23rd August 2013

To help celebrate book week we took the children on an excursion to the library everyday to share the joy of literature with them. The children enjoyed looking for books that appealed to them and discovering new worlds as they read them. We always love going to the library and the librarians are alwasy there to greet us as we walk through the door, making us feel very special.

The children enjoyed shared book reading with their friends and teachers. Getting out in the community is lots of fun and we enjoy exploring our surrounding at Top Ryde.  

Going to the library gets the children excited about reading, as we find that they want to learn more and discover more when we return to the centre. We also hear them continuing to talk about their experiences with each other during the rest of the day.


If you would like to come along on one of our excursions to the library or come and join us for shared book reading please let your child's teachers know.  





Celebrating Book Week - Dress as your favourite book character

Director Top Ryde - Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Tuesday 20th August 2013

We got into the spirit of book week by dressing up as our favourite book characters. There was lots of excitement as the children arrived, showing off their gorgeous costumes to their teachers and friends. Some of the children even brought in the book that had the character they were dressed as in it to share with everyone at group time.

We had many different characters such as; Fairy princesses, pirates, demolition workers, owls, buzz and woody, the green sheep, superman and many many more. 

Thank you to all our amazing children and families who made such a effort to help us celebrate book week. 



Disco Time!!!!!

Director Top Ryde - Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Everyone had a great time dancing the night away at the Top Ryde Early Learning Disco!

The room was decorated with bright lights and sparkles and our favourite tunes were playing. Everyone enjoyed Kathy’s yummy gourmet pizzas and fruit plates that kept up our energy throughout the night. There was laugher heard throughout the centre as the children and adults showed off their dance moves on the Disco floor.

Thank you to all our families who came along and made it a spectacular night for all.

Bravehearts Visit

Director Top Ryde - Friday, July 26, 2013
Ditto the Braveheart lion came to Top Ryde Early Learning to visit the children and teach them about feelling safe
Initially we discussed 'yes' feelings and 'no' feelings and how they made us feel. We decided that 'no' feelings make us feel sad, angry and unsafe and if we feel this way we should run and tell someone we can trust. We learnt about 'warning signs' that our body tells us if we begin to feel unsafe, such as a fast beating heart, butterflies in our tummy, or wibbly wobbly legs. We then named our private areas: mouth, chest, between our legs and our bottoms and said 'They belong to me'. The children all gave Ditto the Braveheart lion a big cuddle and said thank you for teaching us all about feeling safe.
Having Ditto come to our centre is a great way for children to learn about being and feeling safe in a sercure environment with their teachers and peers.

If you would like to learn more about Bravehearts please click on the link below

Sustainability Week

Director Top Ryde - Monday, July 08, 2013

24th - 28th June 2013

This week we encouraged the Lilli Pilli, Acacia and Waratah room to incorporate sustainability into their program for a week.

Lilli Pilli Room


The Lilli Pilli educators talked to the children about sustainability and came up with some ideas as a group. They started by making sure to turn the lights off and using the natural light, especially in the middle of the day. They even create signs to remind us when and how we can be sustainable and placed them not only in the Lilli Pilli room but around the centre too. During one of their group times the children discussed ways they could save water and decided to collect rainwater. They placed containers outside and watched as they filled with water throughout the day. Once they had enough they boiled it on the stove, waited for it to cool and used it the following day to wash their lunch dishes.

Acacia Room


While discussing sustainability with the Acacias, as a group they decided they wanted to help the environment by growing sunflower seeds and planting them in our garden. Firstly they wanted to experiment to see how a seedling grows, so they placed them on top of cotton wool in a clear cup and continued to water them throughout the week, monitoring their process everyday. They also discussed other ways of being sustainable, such as being aware of how much paper they are using throughout the day. The Acacias have a continuing interest in writing letters, but to save paper they decided to email their letters instead. The children were often heard discussing with each other about not using too much paper, especially at the drawing table and reminding their peers to recycle.

Waratah Room

The Waratahs really embraced sustainability week, deciding on lots of exciting ideas and participating in environmentally friendly activities. The children wanted to help our garden to grow so with Scott’s assistance created a worm farm. They learnt about what foods that worms can and cannot eat, and even created a chart at group time. After talking and reading about recycling the Waratahs decided that instead of using paper they would recycle cardboard boxes, cut them up and use that as drawing and painting paper. They also made their own paint with Pina to use on their cardboard paper and cut up newspaper as collage.

All the rooms are continuing to incoprate sustainability into their program and the children are continuing to embrace it!

If you have any ideas you would like to share with us about sustainability please let us know.

Pyjama Week

Director Top Ryde - Thursday, July 04, 2013

Pyjama Week - 24th - 28th June 2013

All the children had a great time wearing their pyjamas all this week.

Pyjama week is a great way for children to share their happiness, humour and satisfaction with their friends and educators. The children were enthusiastic to see what patterns and characters were printed on each other’s pyjamas and were particularly excited if they were wearing the same pyjamas.

 During this week all the children were able to express themselves while wearing their brightly coloured pyjamas, while having lots of fun!

Police Visit

Director Top Ryde - Wednesday, June 12, 2013


The children were very excited to have a visit from the police today!

They all sat and listened as the constables spoke about what the job of the police entails and what to do if the children ever need help from the police. They also spoke about 'Stranger Danger' and to yell STOP! if they don't feel comfortable in a situation.


The children also got the opportunity to go and look at the police car and listen to its loud siren.


Art and Craft Exhibtion

Director Top Ryde - Friday, May 31, 2013


We had a lovely time at our Art and Craft night showcasing all the children's creative talents.

Each of the children created a work of art which was displayed around the centre for the families to view at our Top Ryde Early Learning art gallery.



During the evening we raised $1000, which we donated to 'Pillars of Strength'. This organisation provides dads with support and ‘time out’ while their baby is sick, and also to bereaved dads after the loss of their baby.

Thank you to all the families who came along and made the night special.





Mothers Day Morning Tea

Director Top Ryde - Friday, May 10, 2013

Today we celebrated Mother's Day with all our beautiful mothers, as we shared a yummy morning tea with them.


We had lots of excting activities that the children enjoyed doing with their mums. They especailly enjoyed taking funny photos at the photo booth that was set up in the Waratah room.


All the children enjoyed spending time with their mums, showing them how speacil they are. 

Thank you to all our beautiful mums and we wish you a very Happy Mother's Day.